Hi, I'm Markus Schmeiduch.

I design all things interactive and craft digital products & services.
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BlindMaps: An open initiative for independent mobility.

bindmaps concept

blindmaps interface

Our concept focuses on the visually impaired, and explores a device to improve their ability to discover and navigate through a city.
(winner Prix Ars Electronica 2014 award)

The Flying App

Co-Founder, UI / UX Designer, Product-Manager
June 2012 – August 2014 (sold to an US investor group)


DropCar. Service Design.

Electric car Co-Leasing for the city commuter. A service-design project at CIID. Together with Andrew Spitz & Manas Karambelkar.

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OmniOn. Making audio easy in the kitchen.

A project for the tangible user interface class at CIID. Together with Ana Catharina M. Marques, Kostantinos Frantzis and Momo Miyazaki.

Our research about audio use in the home showed a distinct pattern, people often engage with audio in the kitchen. Cooking is one of the few activities during which people have time to enjoy music or a podcast.

Unfortunately, listening to music while cooking isn’t the most seamless experience. As any home chef knows, hands are often wet or dirty to easily control audiosystems used in the kitchen.

We addressed this challenge with the creation of a minimal-effort, kitchen-friendly device to remotely control whatever audiosystem people are comfortable using. Continue reading

#CPHsignals – Send Morse code signals through Twitter

This project is connecting two Copenhagen neighborhoods using the old maritime technology of SignalLamps, combined with the modern network layer of twitter messages.

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Most futurististic bicycle concepts concentrate on the bike itself but not the interaction between the bike & it’s rider. This concept is a result of an investigation into the possibilities and challenges of a bicycle-human hybrid.

A project for the performative design class at CIID. Together with Andrew Nip & Hideaki Matsui.

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