RESfest Wien

Das RES Magazin ist neben Wired meine monatliche Dosis Old-School-Media. Und da konnte ich mir das jährliche RESfest in Wien natürlich nicht entgehen lassen:

"RESFEST ist das weltweit bedeutendste Festival für digital produzierte Kurzfilme, Dokumentationen und Animationen. 1997 in den USA vom Wiener Medienunternehmer und Verleger Karol Martekso mitbegründet, macht das Festival heuer in 45 Städten auf allen sechs Kontinenten Station (darunter zum zweiten Mal auch in Wien) und zeigt dabei wieder herausragende internationale und lokale Produktionen. "

Sehr, sehr nett…..HOFFENTLICH nächstes Jahr wieder.

RESfest Wien     RESfest Wien

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  1. Basel says:

    Mr.Covey succeeded in brekaing me. I was broken in body ,soul and spirit ..I have already suggested that the first six months of my stay at Mr.Covey were much worse than the last six .The events that led to the change in Mr.covey attitude toward me from a turning point in my humble history. You have seen how a man was made a slave ;you shall see how a slave was made a man. I chose this quote because it describes slavery and the attitude of the slave owners. its represents the irony and foreshadowing and tone.

  2. A simple and intelligent point, well made. Thanks!

  3. Ishmel says:

    I did read that book a long time ago.I had my notes on that. I’ll go through it again (I’ve to lotace it first) and respond later.Mean while here are my reflections after going through your assimilations.1. I had difficulties in reading clearly and so far I haven’t had any conflicts with your understanding2. This is just an add-on to positive attitudeThoughts they become words.Watch your words they become actions.Watch your actions they become habits.Watch your habits they become character.Watch your character it becomes your destiny. 3. Stimulus Responsea. Response to a situation depends on our character and character can be shaped up for better or worst (you can teach an old dog new tricks)b. Being and acting with many types of people in the ashram I’ve noticed1. We always like to project ourselves on others say if I’ve my red tinged sunglasses on I am going to see only red. (Paambin kaal paambu ariyum – so as to say that if I am a thief I would see everyone else as a thief)2. I am always right and you are wrong because we are scared to take responsibility for our actions or not honest enough to admit our wrongs3. We always look outside rather than our own self because we are dull headed or we don’t have the habit of looking at ourselves as an observer.4. We do not accept the fact that our actions do, more often than not, affect others

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