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BlindMaps: An open initiative for independent mobility.

bindmaps concept

blindmaps interface

Our concept focuses on the visually impaired, and explores a device to improve their ability to discover and navigate through a city.
(winner Prix Ars Electronica 2014 award)


DropCar. Service Design.

Electric car Co-Leasing for the city commuter. A service-design project at CIID. Together with Andrew Spitz & Manas Karambelkar.

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#CPHsignals – Send Morse code signals through Twitter

This project is connecting two Copenhagen neighborhoods using the old maritime technology of SignalLamps, combined with the modern network layer of twitter messages.

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Generative Polaroids is a set of gesture controlled drawing tools to explore the possibilities of Microsoft Kinect and to produce generative prints. Using Kinect & Processing. A project for the Generative Design Class at ciid.dk. Taught by Joshua Noble & David Gauthier.

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